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Elora Tea

Vintage Pu-Erh - Aged 3 Years

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Toasted bread highlights with elemental and earthy notes. 

HEALTH PROPERTIES:  High in anti-oxidants


TEA SOURCING:  Yunnan Province, China

INGREDIENTS:  Black Tea, Pu-Erh Style

ETHICS:  Ethical Tea Partnership and GMO free



Pu-Erh is to tea, what Single Malt Scotch is to a nice bottle of Teachers blended whiskey, and there are many more pu-erhs than there are Scotches. How fine is this Pu-Erh?  It's a nice bottle of 12 year old Glenfidditch.

Many things in life improve with age. Think about it. Old jeans are more comfortable than new ones. Friendships grow stronger over time. From cheese to wine or classic movies, older things can often feel more satisfying, both physically and spiritually, than their younger counterparts. So it is with Pu-erh tea.

Pu-erh, manufactured from máochá, a type of mostly unoxidized green tea grown in China's Yunnan province, offers numerous health benefits and a round earthy flavor that gets better with age. The nourishment of age factors into Pu-erh right from the get-go. To make it, unlike traditional teas in which 2 young leaves and a bud are plucked from the bush, 3-4 leaves and a bud are plucked, yielding older, broader leaves more suitable to the fermentation process. Once fermented, the best Pu-Erhs are aged like fine wine in the cellar of a French chateau, or cheese on the rack of a Swiss barn. The result is an earthy, musty character that sets the tea apart from all its younger competitors.

Capping off the benefits of the aging that goes into Pu-erh, is research that appears to indicate the tea's ability to reverse some of the effects of aging itself. According to practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, aged Pu-erh has the ability to induce weigh-loss, fight cancer, protect the kidneys and ward off many other of the causes of early mortality. So, what are you waiting for? Brew a pot of Pu-erh today, and start living life to the fullest!



BREWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOT TEA: Infuse one slightly heaping teaspoon for each 8 ounce cup with boiling water for 2-7 minutes.

ICED TEA BREWING METHOD (Pitcher): (To Make 1 Liter/Quart):
You wouldn't mix Glenfidditch with coke would you?  Don't you dare make Iced tea out of this.  

ICED TEA BREWING METHOD (Individual Serving):
Don't you dare.

NUMBER OF CUPS: 15-20 cups from each 50 grams of tea, with a single use of the leaves.  Loose leaf tea is traditionally infused 3 times, with a different flavor profile following each infusion.  Accordingly, each 50 gram bag can make up to 60 cups of tea.