Need to raise money for a school, sports team, church or other community group? Elora Tea can help!

Elora Tea Fundraisers

No upfront cost & as simple as can be. Elora Tea fundraisers are simple. We send you electronic advertising pamphlets and order forms for free. Your supporters make purchases directly on our website.

We add your fundraiser to our website, and also add a donations button, allowing your supporters to make a donation over and above your purchase. You keep 100% of the donation, less credit card transaction fees. You will be responsible for providing tax-receipts for donations.

At then end of the fundraiser, we then ship the products ordered to you in bulk. Shipping is free, for all fundraisers selling more than $750 in tea. You then contact your supporters, and have them pick up or deliver the tea. Once you confirm delivery, we then release the funds to you.

Profit to you is easy. On the specific fundraising items listed on this page, your profit is 35% of the sale price. If your supporters purchase other items on our website, your profit is 20% of the item sold.

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