Elora Tea Wholesale

We can supply loose leaf tea to order, or can set up a tea shop, in your shop.

A tea shop in your shop

Loose leaf tea attracts customers and keeps them coming back. Elora Tea is a growing Canadian company supplying retail-ready loose leaf teas to grocery stores, farmers markets, and specialty food stores. Many of our wholesale customers ask us to set up a tea shop in their shop.  We provide at no charge, one or two sided stands. These are high quality, heavy-duty stands built to withstand the rigors of a retail environment. They stock between 14 and 32 varieties of tea, in a small footprint, as well as tea-related accessories, giving your customers a broad range of choices.

We make re-ordering easy. In some locations, we automatically restock, and in others, ordering is as simple as taking a cell phone image of the stand and submitting it to us with a note saying “send us tea.”  When setting up a stand, we work with you to monitor what teas attract customers,  and switch blends regularly.

For a wholesale information package, and wholesale pricing, contact us at sales@eloratea.com, or at 519 831 3253


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