About us

A family run, local business, that has a passion for tea.

The Elora Tea Story

A Growing Local Family Business. Elora Tea began in 2020, when 12 year old Brenna Keen and her Dad Peter, who live just outside Elora, were visiting local farmers markets. The outdoor shopping, local vendors, hustle and bustle of deal making was a lot of fun. They decided to try their hand at selling loose leaf tea, which they couldn't find locally, more as a hobby than anything else. When their products started flying off the table, the decision was made to expand. Elora's Geddes Street Market, and Fergus Freshco were the first to provide support by taking a chance on a new business. Today, Elora Tea operates a permanent stand at St. Jacob's market and Elora Farmers Market. They have a thriving on-line presence, have expanded to 5 employees, and have their products in more than 20 local stores. Elora Tea became Elora Tea Ltd. in 2024, and continues to grow with Elora Tea branded products.

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