Wholesale with Elora Tea

We can supply loose leaf tea to order, or can set up a tea shop, in your shop.

A Tea Shop, In Your Shop

Elora Tea specializes in setting up a tea shop in your shop. Loose leaf tea is a rapidly growing segment of the grocery market. Customers struggle to find the product, and become loyal to stores that can provide it. Loose-leaf tea drinkers like to experiment with a wide variety of flavors. Our core business is providing retail-ready loose leaf tea to grocery stores. We provide numerous types of tea, including health and wellness, green, fruit, black tea and green tea blends, as well as flavored and seasonal products. We also supply branded infusers and teapots.

For stores wishing to use their existing shelf space, we can supply to your order.

We also offer, free of charge, custom made heavy duty gondolas, or custom-sized stands for stores with space restrictions.  Our freestanding gondolas display 16 varieties of tea plus accessories.  The photographs below show a number of different styles of stands that we have placed in different stores.

Our products are now in over 20 stores, ranging from large supermarkets, to specialty grocers and gift shops. Re-ordering is simple. We monitor stores sales to work out what teas appeal to your customers, and can supply teas to order, or can select teas we believe will sell in your store.

Our packaging center is Health Unit approved, and we have a certified HAACP manager on staff.

For a price list and wholesale details, please contact us at sales@eloratea.com, or at 519 831 3253.


Contact us for a Wholesale Package
  • Tea Infusers

    Our bestselling cup infuser, tea balls, stick infusers, novelty animal infusers and more.

  • Loose Leaf Teas

    A curated set of teas, to fit your customers' tastes, in your location.

  • Teapots

    From traditional English teapots, to modern glass infuser pots.

  • Gondola

    Our one sided steel pegboard gondalas carry 16 varieties of tea, plus teapots and infusers - essential accessories for the loose-leaf tea drinker. These robust units measure approximately 24" wide, 18" deep, 58" high. These are a $400 value, which we provide for free to every store wishing to have a tea shop in their shop.

  • Tall & Thin

    For stores, with a narrow, unused space, this tall & thin custom built stand, 13" x 60", displays 10 teas, 50 bags in total, plus infusers. Valued at approximately $250, we provide these free, and can custom build them to any size.

  • Ladder Shelf

    For stores that wish to have a rustic looking stand, without using pegboard, our ladder shelves are approximately 2' wide, 16" deep, and 58" high. Valued at approximately $220, we provide these free to every store wishing to have a tea shop in their shop.