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Elora Tea

Vanilla Matcha

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Smooth green tea character and rich vanilla flavor - a warm and sweet matcha to tantalize the taste buds.

HEALTH PROPERTIES:  Very High in Anti-Oxidants


TEA SOURCING:  Ingredients Sourced from Paraguay (Guaira), and Japan (Kagoshima)

INGREDIENTS: Cane sugar, Green tea, Vanilla bean, Artificial flavors.

ETHICS:  Ethical Tea Partnership and GMO free



Is there anything more soothing than the heart-warming character of rich, smooth vanilla? Actually, yes - the heart-warming, organic cane sugar-sweetened character of rich, smooth, Vanilla Matcha. Known for its ability to tempt taste buds, Vanilla Matcha is a sensational show-stopper, perfect for chilly afternoons cozied up indoors. Whisk up a cup of this matcha for a simple treat filled with complex flavors. You can even whip up your own vanilla matcha latte for a gourmet treat in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to the exuberant character of this exquisite blend, what makes matcha so special? We're glad you asked, dear tea-leaf reader. Some studies suggest matcha may reduce the effects of depression, thanks to the presence of theanine. What's that? Another great question, gentle inquisitor. Theanine is an amino acid in tea said to soothe the brain and relax the mind. Enjoy the smooth, rich notes of vanilla matcha.


BREWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOT TEA:  Place approximately half a teaspoon of Matcha in your cup. Infuse with 8oz/250ml of water heated to 80-85 degrees celcius, whisk briskly and enjoy.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR MATCHA LATTE:  Place half a teaspoon in a cup and infuse with water heated to 80-85 degrees.  Whisk until a smooth paste is formed.  Add steamed milk and sweeten to taste.  If you have a frother, froth away, but excellent results can be achieved by simply adding hot milk.