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Elora Tea

Chasen - Bamboo Matcha Whisks

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A chasen is a traditional tool of Japanese tea ceremonies, used to whisk matcha.  Our 100 prong chasens begin as a single piece of bamboo.  They are then split into 16 equal parts, and the hard outer layer of wood is retained, with the soft inner wood being discarded.  The 16 individual pieces are then separated into tines, which are then shaved, shaped, and bound into place by thread.  Each chasen is a true work of art.

To use the chasen to make matcha, put a half teaspoon of matcha powder into a bowl.  Add warm water and whisk to a thick paste.  This is known as thick tea. Then add additional water, and whisk rapidly to make "thin tea."  When using the chasen, don't use a lot of pressure. 

To clean your chasen, put warm water in a bowl, and whisk until clean, then dry thoroughly.  Do not use in a dishwasher.  Dry thoroughly, and store with the tines facing up.