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Elora Tea

$75 Mega Pack - 15 items

Regular price $65.00 CAD
Regular price Sale price $65.00 CAD

Our $65 mega pack is stuffed with value.  First, you pick 8 of our regularly priced 50 gram bags of tea (a $64 dollar value).  Then you pick a starter pack (a $15 value), and we'll provide  you with six more samples.  That's fourteen teas to try.  We throw in one of our cup or animal infusers, (a $10 value).  Best of all - free shipping anywhere in Canada or the U.S. ($15 value).  Thats a minimum $112 value for just $75.  When ordering this, include a note with a list of the items you want.

- the eight 50 gram bags of tea you would like

- we'll pick the six samples for you, but if you have preference, let us know.

- the infuser you would like

Our premimum priced teas (those priced at over $8 a 50 gram bag), are not included with this offer.